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Display digital LY71


Palpatoare compatibile
Seria DK (necesar cablu conectare CE29), GB-ER, SJ700A, PL20

Numar axe intrare
1 sau 2 axe (prin setare parametri)

Rezolutie intrare
Linear standard: 0.1 / 0.5 / 1 / 5 / 10 μm (Linear extins: 0.05 / 2 / 20 / 25 / 50 / 100 μm), Unghi: 1 s / 10 s / 1 min / 10 min (Unghi extins: 1 grad)

Numa axe afisate
3 axe (A, B si C), Cand LZ71-KR este folosit: numai 1 axa (afisare axa-A), Afisarea axelor B si C este fixat la valoarea comparator

Afisare date
Curent, max., min., varf-la-varf (= valoare max. - valoare min.) pentru fiecare axa
Setarile afisarii axelor se poate seta prin parametru. Datele afisate pot fi comutate prin buton)
(adaugare sau subtragere nu este posibil cand doua LZ-71Bs este folosit)

Rezolutie afisaj
Measuring unit input resolution or more. It is possible to provide simple angle display by adhering Digiruler in arc. (There are limitations on displayable resolution depending on radius size.)

Parameter-based polarity setting for each axis

Alarm display
Measuring unit unconnected, excess speed, display-digit overflow

Addition and subtraction function
2-axis addition and subtraction is possible, but axis-based calculation is impossible during addition or subtraction (addition and subtraction display is impossible during use of two LZ71-Bs).

Peak hold function
Peak calculation of each axis or addition or subtraction value can be made (calculation of each axis (single axis) cannot be made during addition or subtraction).

Starts peak hold calculation of each axis/all axes. Operation is made by key operation or general external input.

Hold function (latch and pause)Latch = display and output holdingPause = peak calculation holding
Latch function or pause function (selected by parameter setting)Operation: key operation or general external input

Comparator function
Available only when LZ71-KR is used (separated into 5 areas). 16 sets of set values can be set with 1 to 4 set values taken as 1 set for 1 axis or addition/subtraction value, but single-axis setting cannot be made during addition or subtraction. (Switching of a set is made by key operation or LZ71-KR external input.)

Positioning function
Available only when LZ71-KR is used. A pulse signal of 0.5 s is output when a set value (1 point) is passed through. 16 sets of set values are settable. Unavailable if comparator function is selected. (Comparator/positioning function is selected by parameter setting.)

Input signal
External reset and external preset recall for each axis (4 in total), 1 general input for each axis and 1 common (3 in total)
For general input, 3 items are selected from hold, restart, display switching (switching between current and peak values), and reference point loaded (datum value reproduction start).
Input circuit: +12-24 V photocoupler (isolation from internal circuit = power supply Vcc = 12-24 V required)

Output signal
2 for each axis (4 in total)
General output (2 items are selected from alarm, display data (current or peak value), reference-point passing, reference-point alarm, and zero-point passing.)
Output circuit: open collector (photocoupler) 12-24 V, isolated from internal circuit

Comparator judgment output
Available only when LZ71-KR is used. Open collector (isolated from photocoupler and 12-24 V internal circuit) and relay (24 V DC/100 V AC at 0.3 A, ON time: approx. 2 ms, OFF time: approx. 1 ms)

BCD output
Available only when LZ71-B is used. One LZ71-B is used: 1st or 2nd axis or current and peak values of addition and subtraction values. When two LZ71-Bs areused: current and peak values of 1st axis for 1st LZ71-B and current and peak values of 2nd axis for 2nd LZ71-B. One LZ71-B can output three types of values.

RS-232C input/output

A/B phase output
Available only when LZ71-HT01 is used. Top stage is fixed to 1st-axis output, while middle stage is fixed to 2nd-axis output.

Expansion unit
LZ71-KR, LZ71-B, LZ71-HT01 (Up to two units can be used)

Reset can be made by key operation or external reset input.

A value can be set by key operation and a value set by external preset recall can be recalled.

Master calibration function

Datum point/Reference point function

Key lock function
Provided (presence/absence of setting is set by parameter)

Data storage
Storage/no-storage can be set.

Scaling function
Provided (0.100000 to 9.99999)

Liner compensation
Provided (±600 μm/m)

Power supply
Optional PSC-21/22/23 adapter is used.

Power consumption
32 VA max. (when optional AC adapter is used)

Operating temperature range
0 ~ 40°C

Storage temperature range
−20 ~ 60°C

cca. 1.5 kg

Galerie foto Display digital LY71
Display digital LY71

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